Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jean Rollin: The Collaborators (Sandra Julien)

Sandra Julien 1

Information on heartbreakingly beautiful Sandra Julien as been most hard to come by. The girl that Rollin correctly described as a "young beauty with a perfect body"
(in Encore's Le Frisson des Vampires booklet) hails originally from Toulon, France and was born Sandra Calaputti according to IMDB. While Le Frisson des Vampires marks the only time Sandra worked with Rollin, her husband Pierre Julien worked behind the scenes with the iconic director again a few years down the road Jeunes Filles Impudiques.

Sandra Julien 4

Sandra's time in front of the moving camera was relatively brief, just about five years from 71 to 76, and her most notable titles outside of Thrill of the Vampires are Max Pecas' I am a Nymphomaniac and I am Frigid...Why? She also appeared in Claude Chabrol's excellent Nada and in two films from famed 'Pink' director Norifumi Suzuki.

Sandra Julien 2

Here are a few behind the scenes shot of the stunning Sandra taken from Encore's slim but excellent special edition of Le Frisson des Vampires plus a couple of thoughts from Rollin himself taken from the interview he did with Peter Blumenstock in Video Watchdog 31 and Virgins and Vampires.

Sandra Julien 3

I will be listening to Rollin's commentary for Le Frisson des Vampires later this week and will update this post with any further thoughts he might give regarding Sandra Julien here.

Sandra Julien 10

"I worked with Sandra’s husband, Pierre
Julien, who was a technician on Le Frisson…he suggested Sandra."

"She was a model and very beautiful. She also appeared in a couple of
other French films at the time…."

"We made a screen test and she was perfect.”

Sandra Julien 9


Keith said...

Rollin definitely described her right. Wow! I've never known much about her. That's a shame that there's not more out there about her. Great blog post.

losfeld said...

This woman is fascinating, an amazing beauty !!

I wrote a short text about Rollin's books La Statue de Chair on my blog if you want to take a look.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks to you both and Losfeld I will check that link...thanks for letting me know.