Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jean Rollin On Magritte's Influence on Le Frisson des Vampires

The painterly quality much of Jean Rollin's best work has is no accident, as you can see from the still and quote by Rollin below taken from the audio commentary of of Encore's excellent Thrill of the Vampires set.


"At the time I was inspired by Magritte's paintings, and at some point I wanted to recreate one...One of his is called Madame Recamier de David. It represents an elaborate coffin on a Recamier couch."

Le Frisson des Vampires Magritte shot


Steve Langton said...

Magritte's work had thus far eluded me, although I knew he influenced Kumel's wonderful Malpertuis. Thanks for posting a visual comparison here.

Keith said...

You can definitely tell the inspiration there. Thanks for sharing that with us so we could see the comparison between the two.