Monday, April 6, 2009

Send your Links

Greetings all,
Just a quick reminder that if you dig my Rollin site and have a site you want me to link to here just let me know. My Friends of Fascination section is getting larger and larger but if I have missed your site tell me. Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by, and I hope my tribute to all things Rollin is still interesting, entertaining and informative. Despite my poor health as of late, I am still having a blast putting it on and am going to keep on rocking.


Nine-Fingered Menace said...

I have a small movie review blog at http// If you could link to it that would be wonderful. Love your site.

Michael Williams said...

Hi, I just finished writing a post about my 30 year obsession with the images of Jean Rollin. You can find it here:

You have a beautiful site, thank you for sharing it with the public.