Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Francoise Pascal in Soft Beds, Hard Battles

Just after her extraordinary performance in Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose, Francoise Pascal appeared in a 1974 Peter Sellers comedy from director Ray Boulting entitled Soft Beds, Hard Battles. The film, sometimes called Undercovers Hero, is not one of Sellers better works but Francoise is lovely in it and I thought a collection of screen shots from this, now rather hard to find, film was in order. For those interested in seeing the film, it was available on a Region 2 DVD out of Britain as part of the Peter Sellers Collection but it seems to be currently out of print.

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Soukesian said...

Great stills, thanks! I imagine this might be pretty painful to watch as a comedy, but films of this era have such a lush, decadent look: colours, sets, costumes and general design. And Francoise and the other ladies look fantastic, of course!