Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jean Rollin Home Video Designs: The Demoniacs (Rare High Resolution VHS Covers)

A very kind reader from France recently alerted me to this wonderful database he is involved with dedicated to preserving rare VHS box art from around the world. They have a huge Jean Rollin selection here and this reader has offered to supply me with some large scans to share with fellow Rollin fans. Here is the next batch, which focuses on The Demoniacs. Thanks so much to this very kind fan who, like me, is really wanting to preserve Rollin's legacy and I hope this and the upcoming posts of these prove pleasing!


dfordoom said...

Those last two are wonderfully strange!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Very very nice! Thanks very much for posting these, I love seeing art the way they just don't do it anymore!

Valor said...

Hi Jeremy !

Thanks for the link to VHSdb !
The oldest and rarest of these are the Iris tapes : they were issued by the end of the 70’s and some had 4 different sleeves ! The Cinéthèque tapes were released at the beginning of the 80’s and the American Video tapes by the end of the 80’s. The Blacke Editions and the Film Office tapes were released near 1996.