Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jean Rollin Poll Results

Here are the results to Fascination's first poll, one that focused on Jean Rollin's key works in the seventies. Thanks so much to all that voted and I hope you will participate in the next one as well.

1. Fascination 37 (36%)
2. Requiem for a Vampire 34 (33%)
3. The Nude Vampire 30 (29%)
4. The Iron Rose 28 (27%)
5. The Grapes of Death 26 (25%)
6. Lips of Blood 24 (23%)
7. The Demoniacs 22 (21%)
8. Thrill of the Vampires 20 (19%)

Considering it won the poll, here is a link to a recent article on Fascination written by Roderick Hearth from the always excellent Ferdy on Films.

For those interested, here is my personal list of favorite Rollin films in the seventies:

1. The Iron Rose
2. Thrill of the Vampires
3. Requiem for a Vampire
4. Lips of Blood
5. Fascination
6. The Grapes of Death
7. The Demoniacs
8. The Nude Vampire

Thanks again and please share your own favorites in the comments section if you would like.

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dfordoom said...

It's so hard to pick a favourite Rollin movie from this period. I pretty much like all of them! If pressed I'd go for The Iron Rose, Fascination and Requiem for a Vampire.