Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night of the Hourglass is Back in Stock over at Diabolik

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Diabolik has some more copies of the Region 2 DVD of Rollin's Night of the Hourglass back in stock. I am still hoping for a Region 1 release of this eventually, but I figured those reading here who have systems that can play Region 2 might want to jump on this. Diabolik also has the Finders/Keepers Thrill of the Vampires CD in stock as well as some of the out of print Encore box-sets!

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bjoernh said...

I doubt that an RC1 Release will be published - since Redemption does not seem to publish anything anymore? At least their Website hasn't been updated in ages. Very sad ;(
What about Finders Keepers - do you have any Information on whether they will publish anything new? I would love to see the Fascination Soundtrack published.