Friday, September 30, 2011

Clean-Up Time: A Note on Some Older Posts

Greetings. I have gotten a couple of emails recently from readers alerting me to the fact that photos aren't showing up on a number of the pre-2010 posts here at Fascination. It looks like the problem is with the Zooomr, the image-hosting server I used here some in the early days of the site. Apparently Zooomr has crashed and burned and the photos are no longer accessible. Luckily I have all of the images on my hard drive so I can reload them to blogger but it will take awhile. So for those perusing the archives here, thanks for your patience as I go back and redo some of the older posts. I'm sorry I wasn't aware of this but I stopped using Zooomr quite awhile ago after Blogger added a lot of additional space for photos. I promise I will get the back-pages looking good again as I want this to be a great place for fellow Jean Rollin fans to come and hang-out.

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