Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jean Rollin Fans Take Note of Redemption's new A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD disc

While it isn't part of their Jean Rollin line, Redemption's newest Jess Franco release A Virgin Among the Living Dead will be of great interest to Rollin enthusiasts.  This terrific new special edition of one of Franco's most satisfying films includes as an extra the entire Zombiefied cut of A Virgin Among the Living Dead, featuring the footage Rollin shot years after its first release.  This footage was previously only available on its own on disc as an extra and this marks the first time Rollin's 'cut' can be seen its entirety since the Wizard VHS  (In America at least, a friend at Facebook has pointed out that the cut was available on the 2 disc X-Rated Kult DVD set).  The disc also includes two tremendous extras by former Rollin assistant Daniel Gouyette and a great commentary track by Tim Lucas (all of which mention Rollin at various points). 
This new DVD and Blu-ray of A Virgin Among the Living Dead is one of Redemption's best and I know that many readers here will absolutely want to order a copy from Kino, Diabolik or Amazon
In other news, The Escapees has been announced on Redemption's Facebook page as part of the 2014 line-up!  Hopefully that will not be the only new Rollin release but it is a welcome one. 

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