Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New Jean Rollin Kino-Lorber Covers!

The covers to the new Kino Lorber Jean Rollin releases have just appeared over at their Facebook page. Here's a look!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jean Rollin meets The Kramford Look

I recently came across this great YouTube mash-up and I wanted to share it here. It's great to see young artists from so many various mediums finding inspiration in Rollin's work.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Hidden Cinema of Jean Rollin: Bouches Lascives (1979)

Hitting French theaters just a few weeks before Christmas in 1979, Bouches Lascives was the final film Jean Rollin released in the seventies under the moniker Robert Xavier. Sandwiched in between two of his finest films, Fascination and The Night of the Hunted, Bouches Lascives can rightly be called one of the least distinguished films in Rollin's canon as it is, in fact, not really a proper film at all as it is just a compilation of two other works.

Looking to cash in on the popularity of the adult films Rollin had been directing in the seventies, Bouches Lascives was created using footage from two older Rollin directed adult-features, La comtesse Ixe (1976) and Lèvres entrouvertes (1978). In a way pre-dating the modern gonzo compliation films that flood the adult-market today, Bouches Lascives is a near plotless 75 minute work made up of pretty much nothing but sex.

Save for a charming hand-written title sequence and a few tricky over the head camera-moves, Bouches Lascives is stylistically and thematically a fairly empty film and there isn't much on hand to identify it as the work of Jean Rollin, save for the cast which features a few Rollin-film familiars.

The cast of Bouches Lascives is ultimately the only thing really notable about it. Legendary Frech-adult star Catherine Greiner gets top billing as Cathy Stewart and Rollin regular Alain Plumey appears as Cyril Val. Greiner and Val would appear again together a year later in the magnificent Night of the Hunted for Rollin and the two had worked for him numerous times before. Prolific Dominique Aveline also appears again for Rollin as is Chistine Lodes. The extremely popular Karine Gambier is also on hand, as are several othetr actors who had graced Rollin's adult output, including lovely Rachel Mhas.

Sadly, like the majority of Rollin's adult-work, Bouches Lascives feels like it is directed by an artist on auto-pilot and it could only be recommended to Rollin completists like myself. That said, I am very happy I was able to recently add it to my collection and I am glad to be able to share these stills from its endearing title sequence.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Tonight's The Night: The Iron Rose on Turner Classic Movies

Just a quick reminder that Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose is premiering in HD on TCM tonight as part of their Underground series! Be sure to set up your recorders, or just stay up late, to experience one of Rollin's greatest films on American television! It's important to show TCM we appreciate them showing one of Rollin's films so lets give this airing some good ratings. Also, feel free to send TCM a quick thank-you note on their contact page to let them know we appreciate seeing Rollin on their station and we hope to see more of his work on TCM in the futire.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Early Specs for The Jean Rollin HD Remasters

Kino Lorber posted these early specs for the upcoming Jean Rollin releases in January at their Facebook page and I wanted to share them here. The new extras sound fantastic and I can't imagine any Rollin fan not wanting these in their collection the minute they are released. Here you go!

FASCINATION: Original Theatrical French Trailer, Deleted Sex Scenes (16 min), Short Subject Documentary: “Virgins & Vampires” (24 min), Trailers for The Nude Vampire, Lips of Blood, Shiver of the Vampires & The Iron Rose. French language with optional English subs.

THE NUDE VAMPIRE: Introduction by Jean Rollin (5 min), French Theatrical Trailer, English Theatrical Trailer, Interview with Natalie Perrey (6 min), Interview with Jean Rollin (20 min), Trailers for Fascination, Lips of Blood, Shiver of the Vampires & The Iron Rose. Duel Soundtracks (French with optional English Subtitles or English Dub).

LIPS OF BLOOD: Introduction by Jean Rollin (5 min), French Theatrical Trailer, Trailers for The Nude Vampire, Fascination, Shiver of the Vampires & The Iron Rose, Interview with Natalie Perrey (10 min) and more! French language with optional English subtitles.

SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES: Introduction by Jean Rollin (5 min), French Theatrical Trailer, English Theatrical Trailer, Interview with Jean Rollin by Dr. Patricia MacCormack (40 min), Trailers for Fascination, Lips of Blood, The Iron Rose & The Nude Vampire and Duel Soundtracks (French with optional English Subtitles or English Dub).

THE IRON ROSE: Introduction by Jean Rollin (5 min), 2 French Theatrical Trailers, 2 English Theatrical Trailers, Trailers for Fascination, Lips of Blood, Shiver of the Vampires & The Nude Vampire. Interview with Natalie Perrey (9 min), Interview with Francoise Pascal (15 min),Duel Soundtracks (French with Optional English Subtitles or English Dub) and more!


A Preview of the Kino Lober HD Transfers!

The great folks over at Kino Lorber recently uploaded this wonderful preview highlighting the new Jean Rollin transfers that are coming in January! Enjoy and prepare to have your eyes dazzled, especially by the new prints of The Nude Vampire, The Iron Rose and Fascination and the behind the scenes footage of the transfers!

A Rare Francoise Pascal Magazine Cover

A friend over at Facebook recently scanned this from his collection and said I could share it here. Enjoy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Iron Rose on Turner Classic Movies!!!

The new HD version of Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose will be making its premiere on Turner Classic Movies on November 11th! To say this is huge news is putting it mildly, as this will help introduce the work of Jean Rollin to a huge new audience. More information can be found here at TCM. Also, I am very pleased to present these screengrabs from the stunning new transfer! Thanks to Kino and TCM for helping to get one of Jean Rollin's greatest works to a new audience.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kino Lorber Acquires Redemption and Announces Jean Rollin on Blu-ray!

In what is among the most exciting Jean Rollin related news to come out in quite awhile, Kino Lorber announced yesterday that they have acquired the Redemption Catalogue here in the states and their first releases will be five of Rollin's greatest on Blu-ray in the spring of 2012. The Nude Vampire, The Shiver of the Vampires, The Iron Rose, Lips of Blood and Fascination will be the first to hit Blu in newly remastered versions transferred from the original negatives! All will include new extras and these promise to be finest Jean Rollin presentations ever on home video. More details can be read over at Twitch Film and I will of course be covering these exciting new releases as they hit in the upcoming months!


Friday, October 14, 2011

A Jean Rollin Auction

A kind reader has alerted me to the news that Jean Rollin's son Serge is holding an auction, that will be of interest to all of Rollin's fans, in Paris in early November at this address and time:

Résidence les Lilas
69 rue Haxo
75020 Paris
(metro Saint-Fargeau or Télégraphe)
Code : 837B
Building 12, 9th floor on the right

November 5th and 6th from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

The auction will include some of Jean's personal possessions, movie-memorabilia, books, furniture and even actual film strips from The Grapes of Death! I hope that any readers here who might attend will stop by and share more information with us. I have posted a flyer above that was emailed to me advertising it and I will post more info. as I get it.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Clean-Up Time: A Note on Some Older Posts

Greetings. I have gotten a couple of emails recently from readers alerting me to the fact that photos aren't showing up on a number of the pre-2010 posts here at Fascination. It looks like the problem is with the Zooomr, the image-hosting server I used here some in the early days of the site. Apparently Zooomr has crashed and burned and the photos are no longer accessible. Luckily I have all of the images on my hard drive so I can reload them to blogger but it will take awhile. So for those perusing the archives here, thanks for your patience as I go back and redo some of the older posts. I'm sorry I wasn't aware of this but I stopped using Zooomr quite awhile ago after Blogger added a lot of additional space for photos. I promise I will get the back-pages looking good again as I want this to be a great place for fellow Jean Rollin fans to come and hang-out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moments with Brigitte Lahaie: L'exécutrice (1986)

In the fifteen plus year period between her roles in Jean Rollin's The Escapees and Two Orphan Vampires, Brigitte Lahaie maintained a fairly prolific pace in French Cinema and television. About five years after The Escapees failed to captivate audiences, Lahaie shot one of her most intriguing productions away from Rollin, the cheesy but fun L'exécutrice. Available on DVD outside of the US (as well as being available via a fan-subtitled version on the web) L'exécutrice has yet to find an official American release so I thought I would present some screenshots of Brigitte in the film for fellow devotees here.

L'exécutrice is a fairly routine police-based action thriller centered on a young detective named Martine, played by Lahaie, who is attempting to track down a young girl who has been kidnapped by a seedy gang of pornographers. Even though it is directed fairly-well by adult-filmmaker Michel Caputo, L'exécutrice would probably be mostly forgettable if it wasn't for Lahaie, who is both compelling and convincing in the lead. Caputo and Lahaie had worked on numerous adult productions before L'exécutrice and they both seem to be relishing the opportunity here to step out of the box and make something altogether unexpected for either of them. L'exécutrice benefits greatly from the stylish cinematography of Gérard Simon, an artist who has gone on to a lot of varied work in France, and is drenched with that Cinema-du-look feel that was so in vogue by the mid-eighties. L'exécutrice might be fairly by-the-numbers but it's fun and fans of Brigitte Lahaie will get quite a kick out of seeing her play a part that could have been written for Alain Delon or even Clint Eastwood had this been an American production.

Saturday, September 17, 2011