Monday, June 27, 2011

The Iron Rose at Breakfast in the Ruins

Ben over at the always wonderful Breakfast in the Ruins has published an extremely personal and quite compelling look at my favorite Jean Rollin film, The Iron Rose, that everyone reading here should check out asap!

It's a marvelous piece with some really great screenshots added on for good measure.

Jean Rollin in the Eighties Poll Results

Thanks to those who voted in this newest poll centered on Jean Rollin's major works of the eighties. I am very pleased to see that Night of the Hunted came out on top in such a resounding manner but am a bit stunned that Zombie Lake beat out The Sidewalks of Bangkok! Here are the results with my own personal picks underneath:

1. Night of the Hunted 44 (80%)

2. Living Dead Girl 34 (61%)

3. Lost in New York 15 (27%)

4. Runaways 15 (27%)

5. Zombie Lake 10 (18%)

6. Sidewalks of Bangkok 7 (12%)

My own personal favorites:

1. Night of the Hunted

2. Lost in New York

3. Living Dead Girl

4. Sidewalks of Bangkok

5. The Runaways

6. Zombie Lake

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball Video Link

Jean Rollin fans can now watch the live score to a special re-vamped version of Jean Rollin’s Le Viol du Vampire, from the recent Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball, featuring Geneva Jacuzzi, Killing Spree DJs, Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare at dublab. Just click this link to be taken to the video and enjoy. Thanks to Finders Keepers Records / B-Music, Cinefamily and dublab for offering up this very special tribute to Jean Rollin!