Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jean Rollin: The Collaborators (Ursule Pauly)

(One of several images of Pauly that appears in the supplemental material on Encore's essential Le Viol Du Vampire set).

Outside of a couple of little tidbits on Encore's audio commentary for The Rape of the Vampire, Jean Rollin has very little to say about actress Ursule Pauly even though she would work again with him on his second feature, La Vampire Nue.
Pauly is a very captivating figure in Rollin's debut film and she would be one of the only members of the cast who would have several other further credits on her resume after wrapping the production.
Pauly, who I have been unable to find any real background information on, made her debut in a very small role in the 1968 biker flick The Wild Racers, a hard to come by film starring Fabien and the always splendid Mimsy Farmer. Rollin's film marks Pauly's second production and she's very memorable in a fairly large role. One of the first great beauties Rollin would shoot in his career, Pauly has a refreshingly natural quality about her and the camera absolutely loves her.
After shooting La Vampire Nue for Rollin in 1970, Pauly became a fairly in demand actress in French exploitation and shot several memorable productions in the next year. First up is Claude d'Anna's La Morte Trouble (Death Disturbs), which reportedly features one of Pauly's largest roles although I can't verify this as I haven't seen it. Next up is perhaps Pauly's most famous work outside of the Rollin films, Bruno Gantillon's very Rollin like Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fey (a film which also features Rape of the Vampire's Solange Pradel). Pauly's role isn't all that substantial in this production but she again proves very memorable and the film, currently available on a splendid special edition DVD from Mondo Macabre, is well worth tracking down.

Seemingly poised on what looked to be a successful career, Pauly apparently only shot two more productions before falling out of view. These are Jacques Scandelari's striking La Philosophie dans le boudoir (Beyond Love and Evil), which I saw years ago and wish I had a copy of, and Jean-Francoise Davy's La Débauche ou les amours buissonières (Dirty Lovers), a film which features Jess Franco regular Alice Arno.
No other credits are listed for Pauly and Rollin doesn't mention her in any of the materials I have. Any other information on what happened to this beguiling actress would be much appreciated.


The King Of Cool said...

Never really knew much about her. She was always a mystery. It's a shame that she never did much more. I wonder what happened.

P.S. I hope you get a chance to check out my blog soon. I posted my review of the Silencers like yesterday.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...loved your Silencers review and left a comment earlier.

Steve Langton said...

Yes, she certainly has that classical look, ala Miranda, Steele, Tate.
Haven't seen any of her films outside of Rollin's work so I'm pleased to have access to more info.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Steve,
I wish she had done more as she has a terrific quality about her...