Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jean Rollin: The Collaborators (Dominique)

Dominique 1

How fitting is it that information on the unforgettable and eternally mysterious Dominique is incredibly hard to come by? The former dancer, described as having a great sense of humor by Rollin, has appeared only a few times in front of the camera...fittingly enough the few appearances have apparently only been for Rollin. Enjoy the pics (and more are to come in the future) and keep an eye on those Grandfather Clocks.

Dominique 5

Dominique 4

Dominique 3

Dominique 2

***Behind the scenes shots taken from Encore's Le Frisson des Vampires (Thrill of the Vampires) box set***


Keith said...

I was thinking that I had only seen her in his films.

Steve Langton said...

Nice shots. She does have the most hypnotic eyes. My parents used to own a grandfather clock but, sadly,no women ever emerged from its confines.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks guys,
She is certainly a strange and memorable figure in his films. More hopefully on her soon.