Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jean Rollin at Home

Jean Rollin at Home 1

My favorite extra on Encore's terrific Requiem for a Vampire box set is the interview with Jean Rollin entitled "Le Dernier Livre". The eight minute featurette focuses on Rollin's literary work and in it we are treated to him reading us a section from one of his works. Outside of the obvious delight in getting to hear Rollin reading some of his writing to us, is the treat we are given when the documentary crew films some of his apartment while he is doing so. I have captured a few images here, and I think just from looking at these you can tell a lot about the man. He is obviously a voracious reader who loves art, music, cinema and antiques. One also gets the feeling that he loves his memories and he values his career and the people that he has worked with in the past four decades. It's a lovely clip and I wanted to share these images to promote it.

Jean Rollin at Home 2

Jean Rollin at Home 3

Jean Rollin at Home 4

Jean Rollin at Home 5

Jean Rollin at Home 6

Jean Rollin at Home 7

Jean Rollin at Home 8


Steve Langton said...

Thanks for adding these to your comprehensive look at the great man's career. Really cursing myself that the Encore discs are not in my collection.

cilla said...

yes, these clips are truly mesmerizing! my eyes were like saucers the whole time.

+ i desperately want look at every single thing in that room.

Keith said...

Wow! Thanks for posting those pictures. I wish I had his book collection. Those pictures look great.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much for all of your comments...this is a really special interview Encore put together.