Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jean Rollin: The Collaborators (Mireille Dargent)

Requiem for a Vampire BHS 11

Mireille Dargent is another one of those very special performers who almost exclusively only worked with Jean Rollin. Her career in front of the camera, made up of only half a dozen films, was unfortunately very short but her work in four of Rollin's greatest films will always be treasured by fans. Here are some quotes from Rollin taken from Encore's Requiem for a Vampire booklet, as well as the audio commentary, on Mireille. The behind the scenes shots are from Encore's set as well.

Requiem for a Vampire BHS 12

"An agent introduced me to Mireille Dargent who would play Pony's partner, due to Cathy being busy or pregnant again. This agent was a crook. He used to collect Mireille's wages filling his own pocket without giving anything to her. I hired a lawyer and the agent hopped it. Mireille was grateful for me for taking care of her...A great friendship united us. She had a very round face and her plaits made her look as young as Pony. She had a plump body, very sensual..."
-Encore's Booklet-

Requiem for a Vampire BHS 14

"She was very strange...everybody was in love with her, including myself."


Keith said...

I knew I didn't think I had ever really seen her in anything but his films. That's a shame. I was always bewitched by her.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...I wish should would have done more as well.