Monday, February 16, 2009

Annie Belle on Lips of Blood

My apologies for the delay in quality posts here recently. Moon in the Gutter is having a big month and I have been just swamped otherwise. I hope to finish up my look at Lips of Blood this week. I am also going to be posting a tribute to the star of Lips of Blood, Annie Belle (Annie Brilland) and in the meantime I thought I would share these thoughts Annie had on the film and Jean from an early nineties interview she did for the Italian Book 99 Donne. Enjoy.

"I had done one in France with Jean Rollin, it was called Levres De Sang. It was a horror, a vampire movie. I was the lead, the vampire girl...I remember being put in a casket-it gave me shudders, I was seventeen...
I didn't know this (that Rollin had a worldwide reputation) but I'm glad about it because Jean, who's passed away lately (this statement seems to be a mis-translation), was a good director, very talented in my opinion. He was continuously urged by the producers-they always wanted him to put at least one or two hardcore scenes in his films. So, after the shooting, they put hardcore inserts without the co-stars' knowledge. Luckily Levres De Sang wasn't made for the porno was straight horror film that was also shown at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, where it won some prizes...For me, being in front of the camera was very natural, I;ve never had any problem. Actually, it's all been so easy...I mean, all those stories I heard about having to go to bed with the producer to have a part, they were just least in my case."


Keith said...

I do look forward to what you post here. Hope things are going well for you. Been enjoying your posts at Moon in the Gutter.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
I appreciate that. It's been a really busy month at Moon but I should get some good stuff posted here in the next couple of days.