Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jean Rollin: The Collaborators (Marie-Georges Pascal)

Born in October of 1946 in Cambrai, France, Marie-Georges Pascal proved to be a fixture in French cinema throughout the seventies. As the lead character in Jean Rollin’s The Grapes of Death, Pascal is extremely memorable and gives what is often just regarded as a gore film a real spirit and heart.
I’ve had a hard time tracking down too much information about Pascal. Rollin himself wrote very little on her in Virgins and Vampires, outside of calling her very “moving” and recalling that she made her character’s descent into madness extremely real. Pascal does give one of the best performances seen in a Rollin film and it’s a shame the two didn’t have the chance to work together again.
Pascal made her debut in front of the camera’s in 1971 at the age of 25 in Jean-Claude Roy’s Good Little Girls, a film which would see her playing one of the leads. This appearance led to a slew of roles in both film and television and in 1973 Pascal landed one of the most memorable roles of her career opposite Thrill of the Vampires star Sandra Julien in Max Pecas’ I Am Frigid…Why?. That role would cause the talented Pascal to almost exclusively be cast in French films of an erotic nature from that point on.
Roles followed for directors ranging from Jean-Francoise Davy to Michel Lemoine to Jacques Scandelari. Some were small, some large but none were better than Pascal’s sometimes-startling turn in Rollin’s The Grapes of Death.
Sadly her lead work in Rollin’s film didn’t help the trouble Pascal’s career and by the early eighties she was working almost strictly in television. Pascal’s final performance came in 1983 with a bit-part in Jean-Pierre Desagnat’s Shock Cops.
Marie-Georges Pascal sadly passed away at the tragically young age of 39, reportedly by her own hand. There is very little information about her online that I have been able to find. Any more information would be appreciated.


bbjane said...

Hello Jeremy,

I send you best regards and wishes from Jean... He'll surely visit your blog very soon !...

Keith said...

Good post. I really never knew much about her. I didn't know she had committed suicide. So sad.

Matt Burgess said...

Are you coming back anytime soon?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Matt,
Yea, not to worry. I should have posted an apology here...I just started a new job and it's caused for a stressful and busy last week. I hope to get some new stuff posted this weekend...thanks for the comment. This blog will be back in business soon.