Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lahaie on Rollin (1)

***A new series designed to gather together some available quotes by Brigitte Lahaie on working with Jean Rollin***

"I must have made my 2nd or 3rd film with Jean Rollin and what stunned me the most was his shyness...even when making (adult) films (something he was driven to more often by financial necessity) I realised that Jean Rollin shows meticulous attention to detail in researching the scenario, in choosing a team of good technicians, etc."

"Jean Rollin is a true gentleman and has a great respect for the actors though his shyness is sometimes so that he almost didn't dare direct them (in the adult films)."

"After this (first film) Jean sent me postcards promising me a real role in his next film. Need I say I didn't believe him! But, to my surprise, he was the first to give me my first chance at 'straight' cinema with a role in La Raisins de la Mort. And two years later he gave me the lead role in Fascination. I remember in that film some actors demanded that I change my name on the credits...Jean Rollin told them politely to get lost and so my name remained on this great fantasy movie."

"I always enjoyed working with Jean Rollin and look forward to any future roles in his movies."

-The above quotes are taken from Brigitte Lahaie: A Pictorial Biography from Media Publications. Reportedly some were translated from Brigitte's own biography, Moi, La Scandaleuse. More quotes are available in each and they are both highly recommended.-

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Soukesian said...

Love the quote: "his shyness is sometimes so that he almost didn't dare direct"

Thanks for these posts. Good to know that Brigitte enjoyed working with Rollin, and is rightly proud of her contribution.