Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jean Rollin Posters Ne prends pas les poulets pour des pigeons (1985)

File this under rare. Here is the original poster for the 1985 film, Ne prends pas les poulets pour des pigeons, that Rollin shot under the Michel Gentil pseudonym just after he had completed The Sidewalks of Bangkok. I have not seen this film and have no info on it except to say that it was released in France on VHS years ago. Rollin himself had this to say to Peter Blumenstock in the pages of Virgins and Vampires and Video Watchdog 31 on this rare item:

"I really did it (direct it.) Jean-Claude Benhamou was the producer, writer and lead actor, so now, he sometimes seems to confuse things and claims to have directed as well. That said, it was completely his story. It was only a technical direction. I only did what he wanted me to do, because I didn't really care."

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dfordoom said...

That second poster, the one for La Morte Vivante, is astonishingly similar to the DVD cover for the Region 2 release of the 1971 Hammer movie Vampire Circus. I'd post a link to it, but I don't know how to post links in comments!