Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jean Rollin in New York

Great artists have a wonderful knack for capturing images that the average person would probably overlook, and they can find beauty in the most mundane aspects of daily life. As a companion piece to my main post on Lost in New York, which I will be sharing later this evening, here are some of my favorite images Jean Rollin captured while he was in New York. These are quite special to me as I visited the city quite a bit during the period Rollin filmed there.


cilla said...

gorgeous images. nyc is so impossibly shiny now it's almost like a different planet, even when you can recognize locations... (bowery, cemetery at trinity? etc)

lost in new york is in my top three rollin films. can't wait to read your main post!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Cilla!
Sorry I am running a bit behind. I hope to have the main post up along with more screens sometime this week. Thanks again!