Friday, July 2, 2010

Recent Rollin on the Web

A few friends of Fascination have recently posted several interesting Rollin related goodies that I wanted to offer links to. First up the always excellent Zines has posted some rare scans of a French article on The Sidewalks of Bangkok. He has quite a few great Rollin items so keep scrolling at this link.
Next up the terrific Quite Cool has added some thoughts and screens on La nuit des horloges here. Keep on scrolling down here for more Rollin related articles and captures.
Finally the awesome Kate at Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire has added a couple of various Rollin related tributes lately as well. Here's the link to her posts.

On a personal note. Kelley, my fiancee, and I have been working on an upgrade to a larger apartment so I have been a bit occupied as of late. We should finish up this weekend so I hope to have some new posts going soon...including a look at the hidden Rollin title The Scent of Mathilda. Thanks again for all that continue to read here...keep those emails and comments coming!

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