Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Jean Rollin Documentary

Here is the trailer for what promises to be a very exciting documentary on the life and works of Jean Rollin. This film just screened at the Fantasia Festival and it is heading to other festivals as well. Thanks to my fellow Rollin devotees Yvan and Matthew for alerting me to this!

Jean Rollin, le rêveur égaré - Teaser by Purple_Milk_Production


Jimmy said...

Can't believe I just missed it, in my own town.


Tenebrous Kate said...

Jeremy, I was fortunate enough to host Pierre Fournier's review of this documentary on my blog:

It really looks like an excellent piece of work, and I'm eager to lay eyes on it myself. [Sorry for the blatant self-promotion--I try not to be That Guy, but I have been unable to find any English-language reviews of this film!]