Friday, January 27, 2012

Françoise Pascal's As I Am Now Available

Françoise Pascal's autobiography As I Am is now available to order from Amazon UK. More information on the book from the star of Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose can be found at Pascal's official site here. Also, Françoise is featured on a terrific 22 minute interview on the new Blu-ray release of The Iron Rose sharing her warm memories of working with Rollin on one of his greatest works. For those who haven't read it, my older Q&A with Françoise can be read here.

Take a moment and order her book where I am sure she will share some more of those memories.


Teddy said...

Hi Jeremy,
Let me congratulate you for the amazing quality of your site with so many informations on Jean Rollin's work.
I saw many of his movies and always be very intrigued by his productions.
Your site is a gem to keep alive all the very special material of Jean Rollin.
As a frenchman i appreciate that one of our artist get an echo in the foreign countries. Jean is pretty ignored by the public here, only the cinephiles know him.
Of course, his movies cannot be attractives to everyone but he deserves that his native country recongnise that he's a special contributor to french cinema.
Once again, thank you and congratulations.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much or those very nice comments Teddy. They really mean a lot and are greatly appreciated. All the best for 2012and I hope you keep enjoying the blog!