Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jean Rollin at Cult Collectibles and in Rue Morgue

Mark Jason Murray over at the terrific Cult Collectibles has just announced that Jean Rollin is going to be the next film figure represented in their “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure series. The limited to 250 seven-inch creation will be released later this year and will come with full color packaging and an exclusive trading card! Head over to this link to find out more about this fun Rollin collectible and to read Mark's moving memories of why Jean Rollin is so important to him.

Also, Jean Rollin is featured heavily in the new issue of Rue Morgue Magazine. Issue 119 (Jan-Feb 2012) includes a really nice piece by Eric S. Eichelberger focusing on Rollin's last interview.

The issue also includes pieces on The Nude Vampire, Thrill of the Vampires, The Iron Rose, Lips of Blood and Fascination written by yours truly (in what is my first appearance in a magazine). I'm thrilled to have some of my work on Rollin in print and I hope everyone here will pick up a copy.


Daniel Orion Davis said...

Congratulations on the press, Jeremy!

Just bought the issue now (which will be my first experience buying magazines on the iPad) and look forward to reading your contribution tonight.

Daniel Orion Davis said...

Read your contribution now -- great piece! I was particularly struck by your comparison between Fascination (or Rollin's filmography in general, for that matter) and Herzog's Nosferatu. I just saw the latter film for the first time a couple of months ago, and while I didn't make the connection at the time, your absolutely right that the films seem to share the same atmosphere.

It makes for the melancholy thought of imagining the kind of films that Rollin could have made had he ever had access to the kind of resources that Herzog could command.

Also...I'm really excited to reevaluate The Nude Vampire when the blu-rays come out. That was the first Rollin film I saw. While I certainly agree with you that it ultimately doesn't hold together as well as his best films, it also has some of his most striking imagery. The chase, early in the film, with the animal masks and shadowed streets is, for my money, one of the most perfect and magical sequences in all his movies.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much Daniel for the very nice words and for reading my pieces! I really appreciated reading your thoughts on the Herzog film and I can't wait to finally see THE NUDE VAMPIRE via a nice print!