Thursday, February 2, 2012

(CONTEST CLOSED) Win a Free Copy of Finders Keepers New Jean Rollin Limited Cassette Release!

***A great big congratulations to Derek Hill for correctly answering the questions. Enjoy the collection Derek and thanks for participating!***

The great team over at Finders Keepers Records recently announced that their next release in their Jean Rollin soundtrack series will be the scores for Requiem for a Vampire and Fascination! While the CD and vinyl versions will come out in March, Finders Keepers have just released a special cassette of the scores that is limited to just 200 copies and I have one to give-away here. These hand-numbered editions are extremely cool, and will be wildly collectible, and I appreciate my friends over at Finders Keepers for supplying me an extra to give to one of my lucky readers here. Before we get to the contest details, take a moment and head over to Finders Keepers for more information about this exciting release and, if you can, drop them a line to let them know how much we appreciate these Jean Rollin releases!

Doing giveaways here are a bit tricky because I know most of my readers are Rollin devotees, a fact that makes a screenshot or trivia challenge difficult. So, I thought I would attempt a challenge that focuses on a couple of films that have some very loose connections with Rollin. It might still be super-simple but hell the main thing I am trying to do is get this tape to another fan. So okay, be the first to leave a comment with the correct answers to the following and you win the tape! After I announce the winner, you will just need to email me your address and I will ship the tape to you...that's it and now here we go:

Here is a still from a 1971 French film that has often been called very Rollinesque, although he had nothing to do with it. Name the film.

This 2001 American film was set in the late sixties and had a number of striking film references including a humorous nod to a director of Rollin-like erotic vampire films. Name the film.


derek said...

1) Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay
2) CQ

Jeremy Richey said...

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!! That was quick! Congrats Derek...just email me your info at mooninthegutter(at) and I will send your tape out. Good job!

Ben said...

Damn, completely missed my chance on this one!

No worries though - amazing news about the new Finders Keepers releases - I'll try for one of the tapes, and I'm hugely excited at the thought of picking up the vinyl editions next month...

Jeremy Richey said...

No worries Ben...more giveaways are coming!