Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back Into the Depths: ZOMBIE LAKE on Blu-ray

Jean Rollin's infamous 1981 Eurocine clunker Le lac des morts vivants (Zombie Lake) is resurfacing again thanks to a gorgeous new Blu-ray from Kino/Redemption that hits disc later this month.  Fans of the film will be happy to hear that the new Blu looks terrific and it is safe to say that Zombie Lake has never looked, or sounded, this good.  While my feelings on the film itself haven't changed, I was quite blown away by just how great the film looks via this new disc and it doesn't feel quite as horrid thanks to this new HD master. 
The New Redemption disc features both the English language dub and a French track (featuring optional English subs).  Both tracks sound quite good and there aren't any major distractions audio or video-wise through the whole disc.  While this is the first disc in The Cinema of Jean Rollin line that hasn't featured a Tim Lucas penned booklet, there are a couple of extras on hand including some alternate 'clothed' sequences and the English language titles.  Some trailers are also included. 
Zombie Lake will always stand as one of my least favorite Rollin works but I am glad to see represented so well on this new Blu-ray, as I know the film does have an adoring fan following.  I am also happy to see Redemption unleashing Jess Franco's Eurocine shocker Oasis of the Zombies the same day for obvious reasons. 
Big Kudos to Redemption and Kino for continuing their spectacular Jean Rollin line with Zombie Lake.  Two big ones are coming in March, The Grapes of Death and The Night of the Hunted!

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