Monday, June 27, 2011

Jean Rollin in the Eighties Poll Results

Thanks to those who voted in this newest poll centered on Jean Rollin's major works of the eighties. I am very pleased to see that Night of the Hunted came out on top in such a resounding manner but am a bit stunned that Zombie Lake beat out The Sidewalks of Bangkok! Here are the results with my own personal picks underneath:

1. Night of the Hunted 44 (80%)

2. Living Dead Girl 34 (61%)

3. Lost in New York 15 (27%)

4. Runaways 15 (27%)

5. Zombie Lake 10 (18%)

6. Sidewalks of Bangkok 7 (12%)

My own personal favorites:

1. Night of the Hunted

2. Lost in New York

3. Living Dead Girl

4. Sidewalks of Bangkok

5. The Runaways

6. Zombie Lake


dfordoom said...

Which reminds me, I still haven't seen Lost in New York. I really must track down a copy.

The Runaways is a Rollin film I'm rather fond of, although I'd certainly have to agree that Night of the Hunted is his 80s masterpiece. And Brigitte Lahaie's finest moment as an actress.

Nine-Fingered Menace said...

Is the Runaways another title for the Escapees, or is it something different?

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks guys and yes The Runaways is another name for The Escapees. I appreciate the comments and thanks for voting!