Friday, January 4, 2019

SOLEDAD (Volume One) Now Available

The premiere issue of my brand new arts journal, SOLEDAD, is now available on Amazon or at Nostalgia Kinky. I’ve been working, mostly in secret, on this since my first publications, ART DECADES, mission was unexpectedly terminated earlier this year. The cover is a shot of Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau from the devastating 1975 film HU-MAN, which I have written about for the issue. The quote from the cover is from Stamp. 
I’m incredibly blessed to have a truly stellar lineup of contributors for the first issue and I’m grateful to all of them. The near 200 page first volume features interviews I conducted with Stoya, Rocket From the Tombs founder Craig Bell and electric eels leader John D. Morton (both of whom are now in X-X). The issue also features new fiction from Robert Monell and Les Bohem, new essays by Heather Drain and Tara Hanks, poetry by Emily Clare Bryant, a book excerpt from Marcelline Block and photography by Ian Preston Cinnamon, John Levy and myself. I’m incredibly indebted to all of these fine artists and am thrilled to feature their words and work.

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