Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is That Marilyn Jess?

Both Rollin and Brigitte Lahaie mention in the supplements of Encore's The Night of the Hunted collection that legendary Marilyn Jess makes a brief appearance in the film. I captured this still as I believe that is the unbilled Jess in the red shirt in the lower left hand corner. Can anyone reading possibly confirm this?


pewsterbaby said...

Yes, I believe that to be indeed Marilyn Jess, although I can't offer any hard evidence. But I really liked your offering up replies to whomever is reading, so here I am putting in my two cents. I noticed your question was now three years old and hadn't garnered a response as of yet, so I rectified that. Thanks for asking. Btw, isn't it a pity around here how so many awesome posts people take the time to write don't get comments from readers? I think it's because few have an E Blog account. I'll never be okay with how few people write anything of themselves and/or their interests. So... here's to YOU. One person who got it right anyway. Great article and a great read. Thank you.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much for commenting on this post and for the kind words!