Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jean Rollin Collaborators: Catherine Greiner

Born in the spring of 1956 in Royan, France, Catherine Greiner became of fixture in the French adult cinema of the seventies and eighties when she made her screen debut in 1976. Her career really took off in 1978 when she first appeared under the name Cathy Stewart in one of Jean Rollin’s Robert Xavier productions, Remplissez-moi... les 3 trous. Rollin became extremely fond of her and sensed that the young Greiner was in possession of a lot of talent, and he realized she would be a perfect candidate for one of his mainstream productions.
Greiner would continue working throughout the late seventies, sometimes with Rollin, under a variety of different names. In 1980 Rollin would give her a shot at “legitimacy” with an extremely memorable role in La Nuit des Traquees. Catherine was quite good in the small but haunting part and it should have led her to more work along the same lines. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, and for the rest of her career she would work almost exclusively in France’s adult cinema and video industry. She would pass away at the tragically young age of just 38 in 1994.
Rollin has very fond memories of the young and quite doomed actress, and he shares some of them in Encore’s booklet for The Night of the Hunted:

“The young Cathy Greiner would at last be able to show off her acting skills. Her role was very difficult to play….I was terribly sorry for Cathy Greiner who took so much trouble for her scene in the film and patiently suffered in the scene of the scissors….Cathy Greiner was a real actress. She dreamed about playing and working for a long time on the scene where Brigitte feeds her with a spoon. This scene is a great moment, very moving and she is excellent in it….it was a pleasure to film her, in any kind of movie.”

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