Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jean Rollin at Spellbound Cinema and in Sight and Sound

Daniel Orion Davis has written a really splendid piece on one of my favorite Jean Rollin films, Night of the Hunted, over at Spellbound Cinema and I wanted to invite everyone to check it out. Davis writes that Night of the Hunted, "is due for serious reevaluation, especially among the director's fans", and I completely agree. It's an excellent piece on one of Rollin's most haunting films.
Also, I have been informed by a kind reader that Tim Lucas has a piece on Rollin in the newest issue of Britain's prestigious Sight and Sound magazine. It's great to see Rollin finally recognized by the type of publication that typically ignored his work, or treated him with disdain, during his life.


bjoernh said...

Is the article in the April-Issue of "Sight and Sound"? Or May?

Jeremy Richey said...

I have been told it is the March issue. Thanks!

bjoernh said...

Oh, very bad since it is not available anymore ;(
Thanks for the info, Jeremy!

Soukesian said...

Thanks for the link to the "Night of the Hunted" review, which is really excellent. I had been put off by negative reviews of this film, and was absolutely floored by it when I finally got around to watching the DVD. Unique in his filmography, it's a cold, cold, brilliant film, and one I might recommend to those likely to put off by his more overtly Gothic narratives.

And Lahaie is perfect, of course.

bjoernh said...

Sorry for getting a wee bit off topic but did not know where to put it.

I stumbled across a News that a Magazine called Diabolique (http://horrorunlimited.com/home.php) will be covering a special 20 page article by Nigel Wingrove about Rollin in it's Apr/May Issue. Just ordered it - even so shipping is as much as the magazine itself and am really looking forward to it. Thought you might be interested in it, too ;)