Friday, October 14, 2011

A Jean Rollin Auction

A kind reader has alerted me to the news that Jean Rollin's son Serge is holding an auction, that will be of interest to all of Rollin's fans, in Paris in early November at this address and time:

Résidence les Lilas
69 rue Haxo
75020 Paris
(metro Saint-Fargeau or Télégraphe)
Code : 837B
Building 12, 9th floor on the right

November 5th and 6th from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

The auction will include some of Jean's personal possessions, movie-memorabilia, books, furniture and even actual film strips from The Grapes of Death! I hope that any readers here who might attend will stop by and share more information with us. I have posted a flyer above that was emailed to me advertising it and I will post more info. as I get it.

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night person said...

This kind of hurts my heart. A component of finality to Jean Rollin's passing. That address is Jean Rollin's apartment. I know this as I once visited him there. Sigh. A wave of depression just washed over me.