Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New Finders Keepers/B-Music Jean Rollin Titles are Now Available to Order

This morning a whole slew of exciting Jean Rollin CD and Vinyl release went up for order, and pre-order, at both the UK Finders Keepers Records site, as well as the US B-Music page. I will have full looks (and some giveaways) coming up for the new releases very soon but for now I just wanted to supply some links and quick details on these great discs.

Over at Finders Keepers we have the new Requiem for a Vampire and Fascination soundtrack issues. Vinyl junkies can Pre-order the Limited Edition Die-Cut 10" records of both Requiem for a Vampire and Fascination now. I believe these beautiful vinyl copies should be shipping later in March. The CD version (which combines both of these incredible soundtracks) is already ready to ship. A handful of the limited Cassette version are still available as well.
The Finders Keepers site is also offering The B-Music of Jean Rollin compilation for sale as well for their UK customers.

Heading over to the B-Music site, US customers can also pre-order the vinyl versions of Requiem for a Vampire and Fascination as well as order the in-stock CD. Of course, The B-Music of Jean Rollin CD is available there as well.

Speaking of The B-Music of Jean Rollin release, I am thrilled to announce here that I have two pieces included in the lengthy liner notes of this great release. I supplied new notes on Le Viol du Vampire and La Vampire Nue and am really honored to share space with both Daniel Bird (who contributes two of the best pieces I have ever read on Rollin's works, focusing on Requiem and Fascination) and Andy Votel (who contributes an amazing interview with Acanthus member Daniel Buffet as well as a beautiful piece on Jean-Philippe Delamarre!). My full look at this incredible disc will be up soon and, again, I am just ecstatic to be a part of this release!

Soundclips and full-track listings are available at the links above. Be sure to get your orders in to show Finders Keepers and B-Music how much we appreciate their dedication to the soundtracks, films and legacy of Jean Rollin!



Ben said...

Fantastic news, and the 'Possession' tape is unexpected icing on the cake.

Just pre-ordered the whole lot, which is more money than I should be spending on such things, but hey.

I'm still so happy Finders Keepers are doing these releases - one of those real "it would be so cool if somebody released all this stuff, but they probably never will.." wish-list things that they're actually making a reality.

Daniel Orion Davis said...

Jeremy - you're behind the times, man, what's the deal !? lol. I came here to comment about the new kino announcement and was shocked to see there's been no post yet.

Maybe you're still in shock -- I know I was blown away. I mean, yeah they had said there was more to come, but I never expected we'd get three more films in a matter of months. I was hoping we'd get Living Dead Girl this time around, but I'm sure not going to complain when they're coming out this quickly.

Any word on an English-friendly release of Mask of the Medusa? It pains me that I still haven't gotten to see that one...

night person said...

My B-music CD arrived today. It would be a terrible blunder to not recognize this as the most crucial film music (or music music) release of the year. Even if it is only March. Now if I could only get a vinyl copy!

Eliot Blades said...

I got the vinyl editions of Fascination and Requiem. The Requiem disc is really disappointing - the tracks appear to have been ripped from the film's audio and contain all sound effects. If the original soundtrack materials have not survived I would have expected this to have been noted in Finders Keeper's ads. I have the DVD of Requiem and could have made this "soundtrack" myself.