Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Fascination Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of The B-Music of Jean Rollin CD!!!

-CONTEST CLOSED- We have two winners and I will be announcing them later this evening.

Easily among the best archival music releases of the decade The B-Music of Jean Rollin: Various Artists 1968-1979, is a grand-slam disc from the great minds over at B-Music and Finders Keepers. Featuring a whopping 31 tracks (including many unreleased cuts and an amazing booklet featuring superlative liner notes from Daniel Bird and Andy Votel), The B-Music of Jean Rollin is an absolutely essential release for Rollin fans, and outre-music connoisseurs in general.
Kickstarting with a lovely Nicole Romain sung track entitled "Blind Songbird" from Le Viol du Vampire, The B-Music of Jean Rollin is a wonderfully sequenced and compulsively listenable album dedicated to Rollin in the seventies, a period in which our man unleashed many of his greatest works. The collection includes music from La Vampire Nue, Le Frisson des Vampires, Requiem for a Vampire, Jeunes Filles Impudiques, Fascination as well as the already mentioned sixties work Le Viol du Vampire and focuses on the composers Pierre Raph, Philippe D'Aram, Francois Tusques, Yvon Gerault as well as the rock band Acanthus.
Since the tracks from Les Frisson des Vampires will be recognizable from Finders Keepers amazing soundtrack release from last year and the Requiem and Fascination tracks will be heard on their upcoming soundtrack releases from FK, the remaining tracks are the real jewels of the collection, considering their rarity (and just how bloody great they are). The Jeunes Filles songs are making their CD debut here and the majority of the remaining material has been unreleased up until this point. The release of the incredible music from Le Viol du Vampire and La Vampire Nue is alone cause for celebration among Rollin fans.
As if the music on the disc wasn't enough, B-Music have assembled a truly fantastic booklet featuring the writings of Andy Votel (who also interviews a member of Acanthus!) and Daniel Bird. Both of these fine artists and gentlemen deliver some of the best writing I have ever read on Rollin here. I am of course very proud to have some notes featured as well in this very special release.

So, I have a couple of these bad-boys to giveaway and am looking to get them in the hands of a two fellow fans today. Here are five Rollin-related trivia questions (which aren't exclusively related to the CD release). Be the first two people to send me the correct answers via email at and you win the discs! It's as simple as that. I will announce the winners here once it happens and will send you both the disc. Keep a lookout for some giveaways in the upcoming month as well here at Fascination and, as always, throw a lot of love to the artists over at B-Music and Finders Keepers. Here are the questions:

1. Jean Rollin contributed several fine commentary tracks for the Encore DVD sets. His first commentary track appeared in the nineties though for a laserdisc release of one of his most popular films. Which film was that recorded for?

2. This striking French actress is probably best known for her work in the Italian genre cinema of the seventies and early eighties, with directors like Massimo Dallamano, Joe D'Amato and Ruggero Deodato, but she starred in two of Rollin's films, including her first. Name her.

3. One of Jean Rollin's most memorable male performers now heads a French museum dedicated to eroticism in Paris. Name him.

4. Although Rollin beat him to the punch, Claude Mulot made a film that was billed as "The First Sex-Horror film ever made". What was this name of this work?

5. In the early-nineties as grey market copies of Rollin films began appearing with more and more regularity this odd little 1992 film that featured Rollin as an actor also found its way to the grey market. Name the film.

-CONTEST CLOSED- We have two winners and I will be announcing them later this evening.