Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jean Rollin Interviewed in Fangoria #299

I just wanted to let everyone know that the new issue of Fangoria (#299 with Natalie Portman on on the cover) features a new interview with Jean Rollin conducted by Carline Vie and Fango editor Chris Alexander. The interview runs about 3 and a half pages and, while it doesn't contain too much new information, it's a nice little piece which features Rollin talking about his career, health and upcoming film, The Mask of Medusa.
This was actually the first issue of the new Alexander edited Fangoria that I have purchased and I think it's a good issue. The pieces on Harry Kumel, Vampire Circus, Sage Stallone, Black Swan and Jeff Lieberman were all particularly solid. The near ten dollar price tag is steep but I know it's a sign of the times more than anything else.
Anyway, just a heads up on the Rollin interview for my readers here.


bjoernh said...

Argh, was just looking for it in the international magazine store but they don't have Fangoria ;(

bjoernh said...

Okay, found the last copy in a specialized store :D
And there is a nice report about "Daughers of Darkness" from Harry Kümmel in it, too ;)

The Butcher said...

Hey there, my name is Sean Smithson, and my partner Heather Buckley and I wrote that Lieberman piece. Thanks for the compliment!
Yeah, Chris hs really turned Fangoria around quite a bit. It was mychildhood bible too, so it's beyond an honor to be in their pages nowadays. :)